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What We Do

Firehawk Digital is a web design and development business focused on bringing your websites to life in Clinton County and the surrounding areas.

Need a program written for your business?  Firehawk Digital will create your program so you can focus on your business.

Firehawk Digital specializes in creating websites. A website that reflects your business will help increase traffic to your door.

We create most of our websites using WordPress. Firehawk Digital will build you a website that is fully customized to meet the needs of your business.

For A Song And A Story

For A Song and A Story is a website built for a local music store. The website design uses basic HTML/CSS and PHP. The web design allows the customer to add photos and text for instructors.

For A Song And A Story - Web Deisgn
Wilmington Baptist Church Web Design

Wilmington Baptist Church

Wilmington Baptist Church website uses WordPress as it’s source. The church requested a new updated website and asked to have one built within a short amount of time.

Matrka Renovation

Matrka Renovation website was built for a local home builder and renovator. The customer wanted a special page where they can display home sites to potential buyers (this is to be added once they are able to start selling the lots.)

Matrka Renovation Web Design

About Firehawk Digital

Firehawk Digital is a web design and development firm which serves Clinton County and the surrouding areas. Our focus is to help local clients grow their business by providing them a visual presence on the web. The goal of Firehawk Digital is to make  every website it creates reflect the commitment it has to it’s clients. We value our clients and we believe that our job is to build a website that reflects what their business is all about.

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